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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Globe and Mail - As nation of immigrants, Canada must now confront its emigrants

"Canada has always thought of itself as a nation of immigrants. But new research suggests that among wealthy immigrant-receiving nations, Canada is one of the likeliest to see its own citizens move abroad."

Read this very interesting report on Canadian emigrants: who they are, where they go, why they go, and how the government views them. Are Canadians living abroad an asset or a liability, and is that far too narrow a lens to view them through?

Decide for yourself by reading the article here. 


  1. As a Canadian currently living in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband, I've been following this series, with a bit of dismay, I admit.

    You say yourself in your profile that you are moving to live with a partner from that country. As did I. As did many of us. But this isn't addressed as a reason whatsoever. It's all about great jobs, adventure...But often the decision is a purely pragmatic one that has nothing to do with rejecting our homeland or (sometimes) even wanting to live elsewhere.

    I once expressed dismay that I could no longer vote in Canadian elections and a "friend" said that I couldn't have my cake and eat it too. "Cake"? What cake? Living with my husband, what she and others take for granted? Although he is the greatest guy on earth, and living overseas has been a learning experience that I wouldn't trade for anything, I think I gave up more than I gained, namely family, friends, my career, my self-confidence. Living in Europe is far from sitting on patios, drinking wine and eating bonbons.

    Ironically, I'm living overseas because at the time (2004) I didn't qualify to sponsor my then-boyfriend to live in Canada. So it more than irks me that apparently I was supposed to choose my country over my husband in order to be a "good" Canadian.

    You must find this Globe series interesting considering that the US actively courts its expats around the world, especially during elections (and tax time!). The attitude that Americans are always Americans, regarding of where they are currently residing, is one the Canadian government perhaps consider...

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