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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canadians win The Stanley Cup!

Are you a hockey fan? If you aren't and are planning to immigrate to Canada, I suggest you check the sport out. Only because it's Canada's national sport, AND simply the best sport of all.

So tonight is the last night of the 2010-2011 NHL hockey season. It's also the last season that I will enjoy in the U.S. as when the next starts up, I'll be in Canada. I've enjoyed many seasons since I fell in love almost a decade ago with my Love and she reintroduced me to the sport I had loved as a child. From that point, hockey became a family affair - my brother and I spending many nights watching games together. I'm certainly going to miss those nights (like tonight) when I am far away.

Tonight, after 80 regular season games that start in October and then a three-month playoff run beginning in April, it came down to game 7 in Vancouver, B.C. between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. And when all was said and done, a group of Canadians won the Stanley Cup - the greatest prize in sport.

But wait a minute (I hear you say) - BOSTON won the Cup! You know, Boston, MA, in the U.S.A. Well, that's right too, Boston did win the Cup. But they won it with a team where 16 of the 22 players were Canadian!

Now, I was pulling for Vancouver (being the closest Seattle has to an NHL team), but when it was clear that despite a magical year for the team, the Cup would elude them, I tried to gain some perspective. And that's when I realized that there were more Canadians playing for Boston than for Vancouver. And I realized that the best professional hockey team in the world was one that was dominated by Canadian players.

The Cup will come home to Canada - as each player gets their own day with it to do whatever they'd like. It will spend more time in Canada than anywhere else on that particular tour. That makes sense: Canadians did win the cup after all!

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