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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Tonight I'm thinking about Toronto again, having flashbacks, I guess. I'm flashing back probably because it's closing in on four years since I first set foot there, and it's been so long since I've seen my adopted city, and I know so much has changed, that I feel as if writing about it will keep it alive for me until I can see it again, and see it as a new immigrant, not just a visitor.

There was a winter day at Nathan Phillips Square, sitting watching children and their parents ice skate. One particluar little boy, noticing my love and I noticing him, who would make his long way through traffic under the arches over and over again, to pause and do a hockey stop, or turn to skate backwards, trying not to fall as he looked our way. Did we notice his effort? Of course. I still remember it.

There were Saturday brunches on Queen West at Bar One or Sugar, followed by walks back east to the heart ofthe city, stopping at every interesting shop possible. My favorite always being the vintage guitars at Capsule and the paper store nearby.

Memories that for most are minor, for me still stand out - late night drives from Niagra Falls, into the city on the QEW, the sharp loop of the exit at Younge. The advertisments created from shrub and gravel that line the freeway west out of town. Younge Street waking up in the morning...the brown ceramic tiles of the northbound line subway stations...students rushing to the University...getting lost in the PATH...

I don't know if I relive these memories over and over again. I may even have mentioned them here before. I have so many more personal ones that will stay private.

Tonight I'll remember again that it wont be long until I am home again, and that no matter what has changed (Eaton's hadn't even been bought by Sears when I was there initially), it will still be familliar and still be home.

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