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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Mind goes on...

Well, I am almost through the shock of initial separation and have been thinking about what it means to me. It obviously means there are profound feelings of sadness at the toll of this process on my relationship with the woman who loved me once. There is sorrow. There is uncertainty. My Family Class application is over. I no longer have a conjugal partner. Sponsorship is withdrawn. The official documents of our love will go into a bin, never to return...

So let's light a fire for them and watch them burn bright. That's what I did in my heart and in my mind - mourning the loss...but then - like a Phoenix from the ashes of dissapointment, something new was born in me. A revalation of love.

For despite losing my love, my angel, I have not lost another love for Canada, that is.

I saw a new flame alight and it was one for myself. Love for my life and my future, despite the troubles and hurdles...The government after all is looking for Skilled Class workers (of which I qualify), and perhaps there is still a chance that I can make a new life in the country I love, in the city I love, even if it is not with the woman I loved. Born now is my goal - I will make a new life in Canada.

So the Mind goes on...I'll keep you all posted as I make my way through the new process, and I'll try and catch up on my commentary and observations of the immigration process, news, CIC and all that.

Thanks for your support! I have a dream again, and it's still a beautiful one!

1 comment:

  1. Thats the spirit! I myself am an "Ex-pat" from Virginia...I am now in Canada in the GTA of Toronto. Canada won my heart when I was in high school. I came up here on a band field trip compatition. I wanted to go to school in Canada but it was too expensive and too far for my family to let me at that time, but I met and married a Canadian. Immagration is a "Bitch" and it is a depressingly frustrating process, but hang in there...cause it is worth it.