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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Epatriate Mind inspires change! - Site users have spoken

It's nice to feel like you are able to make some small change to better a situation for others, and I have to believe speaking up in this blog, as well as dropping a note to
ALLAN THOMPSON of The Toronto Star succeded in doing just that.

If you all remember, back in June, your humble blogger made mention fo how the CIC website made it very difficult for applicants to find the information they needed to get their applications in process; noting that in some cases the links to information - like family class applications, had been disabled.

After an email to Allan, he wrote a politiely critical article about the site in The Star, and the result has been some action...

"In an Aug. 13 column, I suggested that the website should be much easier for use, so people could find simple, clear answers to standard questions about immigration procedures. By coincidence, it would seem, the immigration department put a notice on the website a few days later, on Aug. 18, releasing details of surveys it conducted in the winter with thousands of website users."

Now of course, nothing has been immediately implemented, but at least the CIC has gotten the message - and Allan promises he'll hold their feet to the fire come Winter time.

I'll be sure and drop him another note to remind him.

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