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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tories reveal job policy for immigrants - deportation - Tories begin deporting illegal workers

So it begins. The start of Stephen Harper's promises to Canadian immigrants. I guess if you can't do anything about leveling the playing field, the best thing to do is to create job openings. The Conservative solution? Deport.

Having delt with Canadian immigration for a few years now, I feel I can say with some reliability that things are very, very messed up in the Great White North. Let's recap some of the high points - and remember, these issues are not new - they are chronic:
  • 700,000 people in the line, growing each day, with no plan to address wait times
  • An expensive and complicated application process
  • Families separated by breaucrats with little check on their powers, and who operate outside of such accepted norms as "rules of evidence" in favor or fear and speculation
  • Evaluations and rulings that change lives made in 30-seconds or less
  • An appeal process that, if won, simply puts the applicant back in line again
It is no wonder that people enter Canada illegally to try and establish themselves. If the government does provide amnesty to illegal workers, will more come? Absolutely.

They'll come because it will be the only immigration policy that has a chance of working.

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