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Monday, April 23, 2012

“No one will be willing to go there because it’s not a system we can trust.”

I personally know the feeling of those 300,000 Skilled Worker applicants who are on the verge of having their hopes and dreams of coming to Canada eliminated by the Harper Government. My own immigration process was over four years long. In that time of waiting, you'll see reflected in many of the posts here, a person's life is on hold, in limbo, as you await the next stage in processing. You're hesitant to make any major changes in  your life (like marriage) that might change your status and cause your application to be bumped to the bottom of the line.

Today's Star article, Immigration applicants upset at Ottawa’s plan to wipe out backlog tells of this frustration for many who feel directly the sting of the current government's changes to immigration policy. And it also serves as a warning to Canada about the issue of trust. Skilled immigrants are intelligent and highly mobile. They have chosen Canada for a number of positive reasons, including the fairness of the immigration process.

If the Harper Government continues down the single-minded path of "just-in-time" immigration policies with the clumsy implementation they are currently following, don't be surprised if the country faces even greater shortages of skilled workers in the future. After all, what reason do they have to trust us now?

Read the article here

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