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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have I Always Dreamed Of You?

Have I always dreamed of you?
Through the oval screen and convex glass
Did I first look in black and white at you
And hear your voice echo from a mahogany case,
From a cloth-covered grill?
Was it then as I saw your children
And I, still just a child myself
Watching them as they descended concrete steps,
Laced their skates,
Stepped onto the ice
And glided free across the rink,
Was it then the the seed was planted?
Was it then that my path was laid for me,
That my destiny was sealed?
Has it been that every choice
Large or small since that small boy watched
Those small boys and girls
Somehow moved me closer to you?
Was it always to be that I would only recognize
After two-thirds of this life had passed
That I had always dreamed of you?
That where I always belonged
Was gliding free across that rink?

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