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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Top 5 Toronto - site seeing

Back to the Top 5! Now what I think you should see aren't necessarily what the tourist board would recommend. Still I think if you check these five destinations out, you'll be very pleased with your Toronto experience.

Younge Street (between Front and Bloor) - Take a stroll from south to north and you're eyes, ears...well, all your senses are in for a treat. There is everything from weird little bargain electronics shops to SAM SAM the Record Man, to great pizza and pan Asian food to souvenir and boutique shops. The street is usually bustling with activity and it is just this messy commerce that I love. You will too!

Queen Street West - Another great shopping street in Toronto, but this one, chock full of designer furnishings, clothing and second-hand stores, is a funkier section of town. Check out events at CHUM's CityTV building (at John Street), where Much Music is often putting on events, or have your say at Speakers Corner (a loonie is the price of admission for your own rant on, well, whatever you want!). Queen is also serviced by the Red Rocket street cars, so if you get tired you can hop on one. As you head west, the street calms down and there are some nice parks and restaurants to explore.

Nathan Phillips Square - The heart of Toronto, so to speak, Nathan Phillips Square is a model of a public space to be admired. It is the site of Toronto City Hall, but more than that, with its wide open spaces and skating rink/wading pool/reflecting pond, it is also a place where people gather to meet, socialize and celebrate community events (it's the site of the city's New Year celebration). Added bonus - the blue poutine truck that parks on Queen Street!

St. Lawrence Market - Yummy meats and veggies especially cheese, cheese, cheese! St. Lawrence Market on Front Street is the place for fresh food stuffs. Some vendors make sandwiches and prepared foods for you to eat on the spot or take home, so if you don't have a place to cook, you can still enjoy the food. Don't forget to check out the lower level too!

Eaton Centre - Now THIS is a shopping mall. Three levels of shops and restaurants, with a range of services inside as well, Eaton Centre (the Eaton's store has since been taken over by Sears) is where Toronto goes to shop. By Dundas Square to the east (off Younge Street) there 's always some sort of activity happening - it's also a good place to start because right inside the entrance is a bank with cash machines :). You always seem to run into someone you know at Eaton Centre, which is especially beautiful come Christmastime.


  1. I love Yonge street ! As you wrote, just walking down the streets, looking at all the shops, the signs etc. makes my day.

    Toronto is a great place.

    Good recommendations !

  2. Based on your choices, I'd add the Annex. You can start on Bloor St West (where University Ave turns into Avenue Rd) if the ROM and Bata Shoe Museum interest you, but if not, then start at Spadina Rd/Ave and maybe detour into the little cultural enclave behind Honest Eds at Bathurst.

    We have so many great neighborhoods here.