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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fear of forms

Forms are such simple things in theory. You fill them out accurately, and that's that, submit them to someone, something happens. If only it were so simple when it comes to immigration forms. Each time the time comes to approach these documents, to be sure you've read all their requirements carefully (some forms ask to be written in ALL CAPS, for instance - don't send it in that way and it may be returned), and then...look into the soul of someone who is going to give you only a few seconds of their time to evaluate you...Each time I feel a little trepidation that I'm missing something critical.

Actually, that's what I fear more than the forms - those in power who will make a snap judgement that may not be in my favor and end up costing me perhaps another year and perhaps thousands of dollars if I choose to fight their decision.

The only counter to fear is faith. I can't spend my effort worrying about things that I can't control. I have to put my best into these forms, hoping to convince and overwhelm with positive proof, those that hold this opportunity in their hands. I have to trust that God knows what's best for me, and that he'll allow them to smile on me if He chooses.

I'm going to approach the coming months and my new application this way. It's really the only way I can and retain my sanity.

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