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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Steven Harper is the Tin Woodsman

I've been away with holiday happeneings for family and work keeping me away from my blogging. The Leafs are on a losing streak, it snowed today in Toronto, the election campaign is ready to enter it's third week. With so much going on, you all couldn't have missed me much.

I've been really enjoying Stephen Harper's horrible - and I mean HORRIBLE ads for the Conservative party. Now I always thought the criticism of Harper as wooden was a little out of line - until i saw the two ads they have running right now in BC. The format of both ads are the same - Harpet in a TV studio, where a host is "taking questions"...softball questions about Gomery and tax cuts. Harpers answers are so lacking in enotion, so flat and the production so amateur, that is really feels like you are watching an episode of "This Hour has 22 Minutes". How can you make fun of him when he does such a good job himself?

Team his personality with the fact that a number of his policy initiatives aren't due to kick in until his second(?) administration (his GST cut isn't due to 2011) and I'm not impressed. In fact, I'm a little worried. I'm beginning to believe it's better the devil you know (Martin) than a party that clearly does better in am opposition role, than when they are given a chance to lead.

Harper better come home from OZ and hire a new PR firm if he's looking for more public traction. I hear there are some ad agencies in Quebec looking for work these day.

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