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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

On different clocks

I have two clocks in my home. One is set at Toronto time and one is set at Seattle time. I live between these time zones - always aware of both at all times. My love always teases me, "Don't you feel like you are late? By the time you get up, the day is almost half over." She tells me how the news is old because she gets it hours before me, but I remind her that's only first thing in the morning. She discounts all she misses when she's asleep at 8pm and the day goes on for another three hours for me!

The clocks we both live by are hard to adjust. On visits, there is always the jet-lag interval, which can eat up a day or two of synch depending on how busy we have both been with work and life, and in our everyday, reminding each other to eat right, getting her dinner ordered at's all a bit confusing.

But still we keep time together. We keep time together now for at least another couple of years as we are forced to be apart. We keep time in counting the days until the next visit. We keep time counting the anniversaries, the holidays and the memories we are trying to make together and the future we still have a dream of.

We're on different clocks, but we're still in synch.

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