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Saturday, April 02, 2005

I love Toronto

I love Toronto. It is my dream City. What do I love about it? There's so much to choose from, but mainly I think it's that it is truly a city of the world, filled with people from all over the world that now call this "village" their home. There's a lot said about the multicultural nature of Canada, but you have to live in it to really appreciate it. Sometimes statistics help me understand it better.

Here's an example: the number of Chinese-Canadians living in Toronto almost equals the entire population of Seattle! And that's just one of the ethnic groups that make up the city. You'll see this diversity everywhere you go in the City, not just the enclaves of Chinatown and Korea Town or the Italian Danforth. And to see all these people even trying to get along - let alone succeeding a lot of the time, is refreshing to someone from a still relatively very white piece of America.

I love Toronto because I love density, and it's a dense city, even though with the amalgamation of many outlying bergs into the Mega-City means that is is dispersed as well. But in the heart of the City, and that's where I live, it is packed and populated and busy and wonderful to my ears and eyes and heart.

Spend a morning at the Timothy's or the Second Cup off of Bay and College (don't you dare go to Starbucks!) and you'll see so much of the world go by. Younge Street hasn't woken up yet, but thousands of students and professionals cross paths at this intersection in the cool of the morning - some heading west to the campus of the University of Toronto, some heading south to the mass of high rises in the heart of the financial district, and in one single spot, with your cup of coffee, you are everywhere.

I'll share more with you about my City. If you want to see a little for yourself, check out the live webcam atop the restaurant, Panorama at (follow the links to the live webcam). It's set right off of Bay, north of where I live and you can zoom over to Younge Street yourself if you have a notion.

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