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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The whole Randy Quaid thing

OK - I have to admit - the whole Randy Quaid situation in Vancouver has me a bit befuddled and miffed. Here's a guy who enters Canada illegally - he was running from prosecution in the U.S. - and because he's a star and makes a bogus refugee claim (he's under death threats from "star whackers"? Are you kidding me?), the CIC lets him stick around until finally there's a resolution to the case in the U.S. (charges weren't filed), and now he's going to apply for Permanent Residence.

His wife is a Candian citizen, so this last bit makes sense - but everything before it: if this were some Somali actor coming into the country to avoid prosecution, do you think the CIC would be so understanding?

You can really see the issues that Conservatives have with the use of Refugee Status claims when a case like this happens. Because he is now going for a Family Class sponsorship, his crazy refugee claim won't be addressed. I guess the star whackers don't care about him if he's no longer a star in Hollywood. I guess all the protection he needs from Canada goes away if he becomes a Permanent Resident.

Am I the only one who feels like someone at the CIC took crazy pills?

Read the latest on the craziness here.

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