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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama's border tax plan

What is he thinking? Today President Obama of the U.S. floated a plan to impose a $5.50 fee for Canadians entering the U.S. by commercial carrier.

Come on, Mr. President: thanks to the wonders of Homeland Security, tourism is just starting to rebound - and you can thank the weak U.S. dollar for that too. But now you want to tax most of the 18-million visitors from the north because they want to come here and spend their money?

Taxing visitors from foreign countries for the privilege of entering your country is a lousy way to raise revenue. And besides, why not do what most clever politicians would do and simply increase the fee to foreign carriers landing at U.S. destinations? Or increase federal port taxes? Then you'd get your money but it would be transparent to the consumer - they'd just pay a higher airfare, or bus ticket.

Remember, every border tax dollar is one less dollar spent in the U.S. on good and services that drive the economy. The tax you impose on two Canadians, if spent at a local shop, equal an hour's wage for an employee. We could use JOBS in the U.S., right?

Obama should think about PAYING Canadians to come shop in the U.S. instead of taxing them.

1 comment:

  1. Umm, what about the US Immigration Tax, and US Agrilcultural Inspection fee that already exists on every ticket into the USA. This would be the 3rd entry tax applied on airline tickets into the USA for Canadians.
    We don't charge them to enter Canada.

    No wonder so many people drive to BLI/BUF/PBG