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Friday, February 20, 2009

Understanding Toronto - neighborhoods mapped

The Toronto Star has a great team at work exploring the news through the use of the Google Maps API, and one of their coolest recent map projects has been to map the over 158 commonly described neighborhoods that make up the mega city.

The Star mapped Toronto not via the city's own attempts to define its landscape, but instead, "...using the city’s rich tradition of neighbourhood names (Swansea, for example, or Agincourt) in a way that everyday urban culture recognizes.

"With this in mind, feature writer Kenneth Kidd recently literally went back to the drawing board on the neighbourhood issue, carving up the city into 158 areas with a marker on an enormous laminated map. It’s in beta, and we’re posting an online version this week to find out what you think."

Here's the post-beta, version 1.0 of the neighborhood map. Now you can know where it is people are talking about when they say something happened in the Annex, or Korea Town, or The Danforth...

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