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Monday, February 02, 2009

20 things to do while you wait in the queue

I don't know about you, but I'm waiting. 14 months now I'm waiting. My love and my matter is a complicated one, so I expected it, but what to do while you wait?

That's what was on my mind tonight. I thought about the things that I do while I wait for CIC to make a decision. Now these aren't just random things - they are things that I think are helping prepare me for the transition to living in Canada with my love. I hope they will help you too.

A lot of this can be done online. So, in no particular order...
  1. Locate and follow Canadian blogs
  2. Locate the news from your planned city of destination and follow it (see my earlier post on online newscasts from all over Canada)
  3. Read Canadian history books and books on Canadian culture and politics
  4. Learn about hockey, watch hockey, LOVE hockey
  5. Learn to skate
  6. Call your lawyer and let him know you are still alive
  7. Explore Canada with Google Earth
  8. Watch Rick Mercer and 22 Minutes episodes online
  9. Learn French
  10. Join Loon Lounge or other such community
  11. Listen to Stomping Tom, The Guess Who, BTO, The Philosopher Kings, BnL, Sloan, Kathleen Edwards, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell (anything but Nickelback!)
  12. Read McLean's
  13. Research jobs, cost of living, housing, cultural options in your destination city
  14. Make your landing list of "goods to follow"
  15. Save your money
  16. Try Maple Syrup
  17. Have a garage sale for crap you aren't taking with you
  18. Learn the words to "O'Canada" in French and English
  19. Develop a patient heart
  20. Say lots of prayers

That ought to keep you busy!

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