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Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Top 10 Toronto - Tourist traps!

The Star published a funny article today about the disconnection between a tourist's experience in the City vs. a resident's. With it they created a tourist itinerary and lived it for themselves.

It's really a funny read, and if you are a tourist planning a trip, worth it to get an insider's point of view. So here you go - the list is partially reproduced below, along with my own comments and the entire article can be found here.

Toronto Tourist Traps

Getting a caricature - I guess if you really do have a huge head, or maybe you can get the artist to sneak in the CN Tower or Nathan Phillips rink into the background, it could be a giggle to walk away from the City with one of these souvenirs. Of course it will be consigned to some forgotten place immediately upon return home...

Wayne Gretzky's restaurant - Didn't he play hockey in Edmonton? And LA? And New York?

Toronto Hippo Tours - No, this isn't a trip to the Zoo. Great use for recycled military amphibious transports though. You wouldn't want to drive a double-decker into Lake Ontario...

Town & Country Buffet - Terrible food, great value. Wait - you can say the same about a dumpster, can't you?

The Bata Shoe Museum - Any place where you can see a pair of Elton John's platform shoes from the 1970's is alright by me!

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