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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Harsh Reality (comments from the Star)

I was reading an article on immigration in the Star tonight and followed onto the reader comments where I found this note from an American immigrant. Interesting point of view of the struggles immigrants have in finding work.

Now, I'm immigrating for love, not money, but the experience of those who have been attracted over the years by the Canadian government's "Help Wanted" sign is certainly a cautionary tale for those seeking greener pastures in the great white north...

"My advice to folks thinking of immigrating to Canada: Don't do it for professional success and if you have, then don't stay here so long and struggle so that it becomes impossible to go back to your home country. I am a trained engineer and project manager. I work here as an administrative assistant in a temp job. Most places will tell me I need Canadian experience even though I have significant American experience. I knowingly made the move because my husband is Canadian and I moved here for him. Professionally things here are even worse than what I had believed. If we need to succeed as a country that opens its doors to immigrants, its important to open those doors to educated immigrants. And then to make sure those educated immigrants aren't under-employed. That's how we will keep the trash out. I think its ironic that people here have a problem with the fact that educated immigrants want to work well and contribute to this economy instead of sitting at home on welfare."

Read the article, "Immigration: Dream or Nightmare?" here

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