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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A quiet January

Well, here it is halfway into the first month of the new year and all is quiet on the immigration front. Our application is in, we are waiting for our case number or sponsorship approval or both, and the days seem to fly by.

I'm saddened by the fact that I missed another New Year in Toronto, that I'm going to miss Winter City Weekends and the Winterlicious dining deals and another season of skating at Nathan Phillips Square, and NOT getting tickets to a single Maple Leafs game...but I'm trying to deal with it.

When I started the Expatriate Mind, the idea was to explore what it's like for an American to leave one home for another - Canada. But now, I feel more and more like a Canadian expatriate living in the US. I'm not really connected with the US in many meaningful ways anymore, save family. I don't approve or agree with the country's politics, I don't like how exclusionary we have become - the "close the border" mentality. I don't approve of how Geo-centric we are (the world outside the US doesn't matter to most US citizens), or our dominating ways on the world stage. I don't approve of the police state we have become.

So I am a stranger in my own land now, waiting to return to my love and my home of choice - Toronto. In the quiet doldrums of the New Year, that's what's on this expatriate's mind.

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