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Friday, January 25, 2008

Integration of the next generation

I just finished reading an editorial by Mehdi Rizvi in the Star regarding the challenges immigrants face in integrating with Candian culture. The editorial also took a stab at the stresses put on 2nd generation immigrants who's parents may resist the unstoppable conversion of their children's identity from one they understand (their own) to one they don't (Canada's).

Let's face it - we all grow up burdened with our parent's view of the world and culture and at one point we all shake it off in favor of our own. While that change may be a radical one for immigrants, it is certainly not a foreign one. Every generation experiences it. Second generation Canadians are, after all, Canadians. They may be hyphenated by race or color or religion, but not by birth. Like all of us, they cannot help but to ultimately be of their time and of their place in the world.

Those that face the biggest challenge are in fact first generation immigrant children. They have been raised learning the rules of their country and society only to be uprooted and caused to learn another. Imagine how difficult that must be...Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the rules change on you.

But from these rough experiences, Canada has gained character. Let's remember to have compassion especially toward those children engaged in that particular struggle.

read the Star article here)

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