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Monday, December 12, 2005

Same story, different day

The Globe and Mail: Is the current model of immigration the best one for Canada?

You have to wonder, after reading article after article on Canada's immigration policies, whether anyone in the government pays any attention at all to public feedback. Here's yet another Globe and Mail article that brings up the same points made in the past once again:

1. Canada's immigration policy is considered a model worldwide
2. Canada is historically dependent on immigration for economic growth
3. Canada is not keeping it's promises to immigrants
4. Canada is under-utilizing immigrant capital
5. 80% of all immigrants settle in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal (and the majority of those in Toronto, where there is the least support for them)
6. Immigrants fail economically because Canada does not recognize their credentials
7. 1/3 of immigrants, failing to integrate into the economy, are moving back home or TO THE U.S.!
8. 700,000 potential immigrants are in line, with wait times now averaging three years

And then, there's the anti-immigration lobby, for whom facts regarding the need for skilled labor matter little:

"Demographer David Foot says Canada doesn't need more immigration yet, because the echo boom - boomers' children born in the 1980s and early '90s - are entering the labour market en masse. He says more immigrants will be needed in 10-15 years."

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