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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Conservatives 1, Liberals 0 on immigration

Well, from watching the Friday debate, I can tell you my scorecard is in on the immigration issue and it's Harper by a reindeer's nose. I've been trying to find a transcript online, but haven't had any luck yet (are the ones on CTV and CBC edited?). The question came from a recent immigrant, who asked the candidates what their plans were to change the landscape where qualified professionals were unable to have their skills recognized, and thus were underemployed.

So from what I recall, Martin's "Bridge to Employment," simply seems to be a solution plugging more money into programs that are currently failing (re-education, language studies, internship progams) - a solution that proposed no modifications to the status quo.

Harper on the other hand, actually talked about change - setting up agencies that would review credentials and validate experience in relation to Canada's standards and open up opportunities. He didn't have a fancy name for it, but he had a plan - a different plan.

Layton pumped change, but had no specifics, and Duceppe sees everything nowadays as a provincial issue.

So for this round - points for for Harper.

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