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Thursday, November 02, 2017

The long night in which the Old World lost its way

My elderly father has news channels on all day. He's a political nut. He watches CNN and MSNBC and BNN and CNBC and yes, even FOX at times (though he's a staunch Democrat). He doesn't say much as he watches, which is very un-American. We LOVE to talk back to the TV. But when he's done, he'll tell me what exactly he thinks is wrong with the world and in this he demonstrates one of the primary issues facing this country and part of why I think it's so divided: He believes he is right. And everyone else who doesn't agree, is wrong.

I believe this characteristic is not unique to my father and I also believe that someone with political power who understands this American flaw of pride, can manipulate the public.

Enter #45, from the dumpster behind the theatre. This evil man does recognize this flaw and he used it to propel himself from someone who had never held public office to the former leader of the Free World in one election cycle by parroting back every worst suspicion that those who believe they are right and everyone else is wrong on the conservative side of the spectrum has been thinking.

You're right - you don't have a good job because of that Mexican. You're right, universal healthcare is the first step toward socialism. You're right, the world would be a better place if all those people stayed out of our country. I can make your dreams come true..."trust me". The man is a fucking hypnotist. With the hair to prove it.

So here we are in the long, dark night of our own making. From Canada, I watch as the US loses it place atop the world stage and becomes a reflection of its current leader: a global bully, a petulant child and a greedy, self-serving nation. They/we could take care of our own - but we wont. We could help the most needy of our citizens - but why should we when their problems are their own fault. Let's put them in jail instead. The legal system is a joke. They had it right in revolutionary France. Steal a loaf of bread. 10-years hard labour and a record for life. Les Mis' had all the great songs!

So I'm ranting. But the US has lost its way and lost its soul. I only hope it can get it back one day, but I am not ignorant of the fact that the country is now a second rate player, deserving of caution and suspicion by other nations and weakened where it once was powerful. It's going to be a long night. 

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