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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Globe and Mail - Immigration Minister puts brakes on popular skilled labour programs until 2013

Unbelievable. on June 28, the Harper government, dealt a blow by the courts when it was told it couldn't just drop 280,000 skilled worker immigration applicants from its roles has now put a complete halt to the program for anyone who doesn't have pre-arranged employment. The moratorium is to be in place until 2013, but who's to say the majority Tory government wont just extend it at that time.

Kenney was quick to say after his speech that the move will not mean a drop in the number of immigrants coming to Canada.

How can he say that? My money would be on because he intends to fill the gap with Temporary Foreign Workers, who's numbers have skyrocketed to 182,276 individuals compared to 156,077 individuals who immigrated across all economic class categories in 2011. In 2011 the Skilled Worker program only approved 36,770 people for entry to the country (with additional family members numbering 51,991). At that rate, a qualified backlog of current applicants would take over seven more years to clear.

In my opinion, the Harper government has no intention of offering a broad-based Skilled Worker program in the future. The re-tooled program in January will be one that is almost exclusively employer-driven. This narrow focus won't bring the best and brightest to Canada - it will bring in widgets that fill employment gaps. It will also open the doors to abuse, with the sale of immigration to workers willing to pay unscrupulous employers for the elusive "offer of employment".

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