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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little context - the other direction

My love asked me to look into the potential of her immigrating to the US today, and frankly, it's been a topic that just hasn't come up. Surprising isn't it, but we have been focused on the Canadian side of the equation, and she hasn't had much of a desire to immigrate here.

As usual, what I quickly found out is that the US makes it even more of a burden for spouses to come to the country in many ways.

First off, you must meet a minimum financial requirement (the poor cannot sponsor their spouses unless they get a co-signer).

Next, the while your spouse can immediately come to the country, they have to apply for a work permit (which can take up to 3+ months to acquire, and is not guaranteed).

Finally, if they want to leave the country for any reason (maybe to go home and sell the condo, take care of a sick relative, etc.), they must get permission from the government to do so. Again - fill out a form and wait. If they don't get permission, they can be denied entry into the country again, AND the application is considered abandoned.

Think of the personal implications of all of these policies together. Now remember, that this isn't even a fraction of the process...

In comparison, the Canadian process seems downright humane and fair-minded.

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