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Monday, January 05, 2009

Starting the year in context

In an article posted today in the Metro news, leading Canadian immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann provides some context to immigration levels, and their relationship to the economy, as well as what practical options that Minister Kenney has to exercise his power in the current political climate.

Minister Kenney has stated that immigration levels will remain essentially unchanged at between 240-265,000 people. How likely are the numbers to change given the retraction in the economy?

Here's an excerpt:

"...Up to 71,000 of these future immigrants will be coming to Canada under the family class as sponsored spouses, partners, parents, children, and grandparents. It would be unwise for the minister to tell Canadians that their close family members will not be coming to Canada this year due to a deterioration in our economic conditions. Another 27,200 permanent visas are reserved for protected persons who we are, more-or-less, bound to offer refuge or protection here. Then there is another 10,000 immigrants who we will be accepting for a wide range of humanitarian considerations. That will leave about 156,600 in the “economic class” of which a growing percentage is selected by the provinces and territories. Kenny is certainly not likely to take them on either."

Read the article here.

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