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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One step closer to immigration reform

Just a quick update:

According to an article in yesterday's Star: "The Tories' budget implementation bill – which contains the immigration reforms – survived three votes last night and looks certain to get the Commons' final approval tomorrow or Thursday before going to the Senate. Only a handful of Liberals turned up for the votes, which passed 114-83. "

So the Liberals have rolled over like the schoolyard chicken who says, "I'll meet you for a fight after school." then doesn't show up for it. How Dion believes that these sorts of actions make his party more electable in the future is beyond me. Do Canadians forget about these things? Do the generations of immigrant citizens care about these things?

I tend to remember who's got my back and who doesn't. I guess Stephane is counting on a different result.

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