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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let non-citizen immigrants vote? - Let immigrants vote: Miller

This is the face of the man who wants 200,000 landed immigrants to have the right to vote even if they are not citizens.

This is interesting to me based on what I was just writing the other day. Remember the 2% of immigrants that become citizens? Miller doesn't want to do anything to help or encourage that - he just wants their votes.

"We allow people who don't live in Toronto to vote, simply because they own property here," Miller told the Toronto Star's editorial board yesterday. "And if we ask ourselves, `How have we let neighbourhoods where there are often high proportions of landed immigrants deteriorate?' one of the reasons is they haven't had a vote."

Isn't it one of the responsibilities of "good government" to watch out for those who are most vulnerable and for the disenfranchised? Perhaps letting that responsinility lag is another reason? Miller goes on to state that these residents haven't had a say in decisions that affect them. Well...who's fault is that? And if you believe what you say, then regardless of whether you can turn them into voters, what are you going to do about it?

I'm not sure if I'm so hot on this idea. I think voting is and should be a right of citizenship. I think more needs to be done to encourage full and active citizenship, rather than seek to bypass it.

When I come to Canada, it's to become a citizen and a proud Canadian. Lord, hear my prayer.

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