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Sunday, May 28, 2006

You're not welcome here - U.S. ID plan turns Canadians off

The US does an amzing job beating up on it's enemies, but we also don't forget our friends. In this article, a recent seurvey of 1,500 Canadians finds that if the US enacts it's proposals for new documentation requirements for crossing the border, 50% of Canadians will choose to stay home rather than pay the fees and gain the documents required to comply.

What a great way to tell friends you aren't welcome here. Frankly, I don't know how we are dealing with this issue on the southern border. The US is so big, it seems like two different borders and problems.

I am obviously against anything that makes crossing borders harder. I wish it were easier. I wish all of north america was open to residents of Mexico, the US and Canada...what a wonderful world that would be...


  1. Because then the effort and energy would be spent focusing on those who really are of some danger to all of us. These border policing issues make good copy, but are poor policy if you choose to belive in NAFTA and such.