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Monday, February 06, 2006

A new twist

The Mind has been silent for a few weeks, but for very good reason...that being a twist in our tale of love and loss and immigration.

First a little background - My love and I never have stopped contact, even though we have considered things over. We speak almost every day still; the same with emails, and the cards and letters have still passed back and forth, presents for Christmas and birthdays...the way things should be if you still care.

We recently decided that it would be nice to see one another again, even though it has been many months, so we booked it, and it happened over this last week. She flew in on that familliar Air Canada plane from Pearson and I met her at Sea-Tac, Baggage Claim 15, as usual...except this time I didn't see her in the confusion of the crowd. She stood there until our eyes met..."Have I changed that much?" she asked.

So, how was the visit? Uncomfortable? Sad? No - it was fun and it was amazing, and we had simply the best time - the time we usually have, full of adventure and laughter and smiles and tenderness! So what does that mean? Well, we aren't sure yet, but it may mean that we are back on for April - at it together again.

We rediscovered that together, life is so much better! Please pray for us!

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