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Friday, August 12, 2005

Canadian attitudes harden on immigration

The Globe and Mail: Canadian attitudes harden on immigration

"OTTAWA; TORONTO -- In a country that prides itself on embracing multicultural, a new poll finds a large number of Canadians say immigrants from Europe are far more likely to make a positive contribution to Canada than those from Asia, India or the Caribbean.

One leading race-relations organization said the findings show that Canada has a particular problem with anti-black racism, while others say they're largely a reflection of the increasing difficulties immigrants face."

I found this article in yet another catch by my RSS bots and again, the news out of Canada is a bit distressing. I want to say to those who participated in this poll, "If you take away something from 9/11, and in particular, the US response to it - PLEASE don't let it be fear of foreigners!"

I'm not so ignorant as to believe that some racism - maybe even a lot, still exists in Canada. I know that hurdles to the integration of immigrants is well documented in the national press. Still - for a country that is the poster-child for multiculturalism, the following quote should give one pause...

"But 41 per cent of Canadians believe the country an immigrant comes from is linked to their likelihood of success in Canada. Among those polled with such views, there were also clear notions of which immigrant groups are more likely to make a positive contribution.

"European immigrants -- who tend to be predominantly white -- topped the list with 76 per cent, followed by Asians at 59 per cent. Less than half of that subsection of Canadians, at 45 per cent, believed Indians make a positive contribution and West Indians were viewed favorably by only 33 per cent."

I really want to encourage you to read this article - it's balanced overall. The government sees the issues associated with immigration and integration and is taking some steps to cure both the perception and reality.

I am enough of an optimist to believe that is there is anywhere in the world that immigrants can have hope of a better life and of equality, it is Canada.

Canadians - soften your hearts - open your arms. There is nothing to learn from your neighbor to the south here...We live in fear and jealousy and are closing our borders. Please do not follow this path.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's shocking!! We are the multicultural icon of the world!

    It seems to be purely fear based though if you ask me (9/11, London Attacks etc..). People are afraid of people who are "different".

    Pretty closed minded!