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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Legalization without expungement - get marijuana right, Trudeau

... The bill would legalize marijuana possession for quantities of 30 grams or less, but offers no redress for Canadians who have been charged or convicted of possession under the current legislation.

“You know, Mr. Trudeau admitted that he comes from a privileged background where his own brother got off because his family was rich and well-connected, that he admitted smoking marijuana while he was in the Parliament of Canada and has suffered no consequences,” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told reporters at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on Tuesday. “And yet it doesn’t bother him in the least that young people are still being prosecuted today for smoking marijuana. … That’s abject hypocrisy by Justin Trudeau.”

Read the rest of the article here

When pot is legalized in Canada, those who have been convicted in the past simply must have their crimes related to possession expunged from their criminal records. It makes no sense to maintain historic crimes, ones we now know were wrongheaded in the first place to impact the freedom of Canadians.

Get it right, Mr, Trudeau. And not just half-right.

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