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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The fifth season of the year

In almost every country around the world, people experience four seasons. We all know them well - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. But in Canada, there is another season. It lasts from late September until late May or early June, bridging Fall, Winter and Spring. Just what is this season called? Why, Hockey Season, of course!

And it started last night.

Hockey is Canada's national sport. It eclipses all other professional sports, and is enjoyed by boys and girls, men and women of all ages. Canada has a long and storied history with the sport. During the season, you can find a large percentage of the population in front of their TVs every Saturday night for "Hockey Night In Canada" on the CBC. The play by play announcers, host Ron McLean and not forgetting "Coach's Corner" lead Don Cherry are household names in this country.

If you are planning on becoming a permanent resident of Canada and want to understand something about the culture and values of Canadians, you could do a lot worse than by learning about the sport of hockey, and just as importantly, the "values" of hockey.

Dale Rosenberger, in an article for the United Church of Christ noted 11 life lessons that can be learned from hockey. I find all of these lessons can also be found in the character of Canadians

  • Grace and strength meld beautifully.
  • Team play is the best kind.
  • Brace and protect yourself against a world of trouble before you engage.
  • Diversity doesn’t always look like a UNICEF card.
  • Courage can be learned only in the crucible.
  • If you want to feel a deep glow inside, achieve a goal.
  • Biggest doesn’t mean best.
  • It is unhealthy to hide human wrongdoing and sweep it under the rug.
  • Politeness and passion mix well.
  • Life is uneven; deal with it
  • Be approachable.
Happy Hockey Season!

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