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Friday, November 18, 2011

Travel Document obtained

My latest drama was the fact that I didn't receive my permanent residence card prior to a trip I am now on in the States. I came home to visit family for the US Thanksgiving holiday. This morning I went to the Canadian Counsel General's office in Seattle to obtain a Travel Document for a Permanent Resident Abroad. I was concerned that this might be another rough process.

I was wrong. I had my application (three simple pages), my checklist, two passport photos and various proof documents, plus the $50 fee (no cash!) all ready and arrived at the office just as it opened up. Good thing too, because they only take applications from 8 until 10am. I expected after turning the materials in and having a short chat with the officer there, that I would be asked to come back at a later date. But once I turned it in, the officer asked me to take a seat and said they would call my name in awhile. In my experience that could only mean one thing - an interview. Great...

An hour went by. 15, 20, 30, 38 people served. Then my name was called. But instead of being asked to an interview room, I was called to another window. There I was met by the nicest smile. The woman at the window said, "You didn't have an interview, did you?" and I said no, and she said, "Good, because you don't need one. What you need is for us to get your PR card to you! So, here - I got you a multiple entry visa that is good for six-months. I'm pretty sure we can get you the card before then!" And with that, I had my Travel Document. And with that, my border worries are pretty much a thing of the past!

It was no nice to be actually more than taken care of for a change. I was only looking for a permit to get me back to Toronto (a so-called "single journey" one) , but now, as the woman also said, "You're free to roam!"

I do love Canada - and its representatives in the US.


  1. I have a quick question. If you get that document in Seattle...Can you only use it to return for the USA? Also, Do they put it right into your passport or is it a separate document?

  2. As a Permanent Resident who didn't have my card yet, I was applying for a single-entry visa. I just happened to get a nice representative, who gave me a "multiple" entry permit. It was specifically to return to Canada from the US, but the multiple entry visa could be used to return from any country. In my case, the multiple entry visa was attached to my US passport.