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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Holiday Season

I celebrated my first Canadian Thanksgiving IN Canada this weekend. It was a wonderful time. I was down on the Niagara peninsula with my Love and her family. We had a quiet weekend that included long walks in the woods, plenty of good food and good company. The walks were a highlight for me. I spent a lot of my time waiting to come into Canada reading the history and literature of Ontario, and the Niagara region is ripe with it. Being in those woods in the Fall, with the colours changing and the leaves underfoot, I was reminded of the books I read on the pre-confederacy period, of when the country hadn't yet been born. It's so beautiful and solitary in places. Easy to see the inspiration that the Canadian woods have always evoked over time. We watched the sun rise over a small lake and I thought about how grateful I was that Canada valued this land enough to be careful with it, so I could enjoy it.

In the US, it feels like people are everywhere. In Canada, it still feels like there are places where people are scarce. I like that even though I live in one of the largest cities in North America, I can still quite easily get away from them if I want to.

The holiday season is here. I hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one. The weather is turning this week. Winter reports from Ontario can't be far off. The Maple Leafs are 2-0...what's not to celebrate?   


  1. Sounds idyllic! It is beautiful around Niagara. We used our Thanksgiving to clear out the garage ready for winter. This year we'll have a car to fit in there! Finding our feet in Canada has taken a while but this winter should be easier...

  2. "In the US, it feels like people are everywhere."

    Try going from India to US, or India to Canada then! It would be mind blowing.