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Friday, August 19, 2011

First days back in Toronto

My first days as a permanent resident of Canada here in Toronto have been busy ones. I went down to City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square and got my Social Insurance Number (SIN), had a job interview, made preparations to do some advanced telecommuting/video conferencing with clients in the States, have taken many walks...

One too many walks actually - I strained my arch so now I'm limping around! Enthusiasm can be a problem at times, I guess. But I love my walks, and there's so much to catch up on and see. It's a little over a two-mile loop from our home over to Chinatown and through the Discovery District, and a million things to see along the way, and I've had daily chores I've also needed to see to, so it's hard to keep off my feet much. I'm figuring out I need to stretch my foot - that's helping a lot. It needs to help, because there's a show at the AGO I want to see right now and we are members!

My Love and I are having a wonderful time, and so far the transition is going smoothly. We did get news that our condo is being sold however, so we are going to have to look for a new place to rent or purchase very soon. That should be interesting.

Lots going on - no time to even think about being homesick. I'm sure that will come in the months ahead.    

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