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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Centre for Immigration Policy Reform wants Canada for Canadians

A new immigration lobbying group wouldn't normally draw a lot of attention. Like all lobbyists, they represent a position on a particular issue, in this case immigration, and they work to see policy implemented that supports their point of view. But the year-old Centre for Immigration Policy Reform is different for a couple reasons. First off, they are populated by Martin Collacott, a former Canadian ambassador and James Bissett, a former Immigration Department director-general. These are individuals that have played a direct role in determining past immigration policy. Reason two: they are blatantly anti-immigrant.

The Centre wants to scrap current immigration policy, decrying it in a news conference yesterday as one that makes it too easy for individuals to come to Canada through the Family and Refugee class.

An excellent article "New immigration lobby group lacks praxis" by Jim Creskey in Embassy Magazine online lays out the details.

1 comment:

  1. J,
    You are dead wrong about Martin Collacott and James Bissett being "anti-immigrant". Did you know they are both married and have children with immigrants???
    I have been liberal and pro-multiculturalism my whole life until very recently. I have aboriginal ancestory and -- believe me -- am not a defender of the establishment at all costs! But I do put principle first, regardless of the groups involved.
    What really pissess me off about people like you, is the use of character assissination to get your point accross. Jim Creskey is exactly the same way. You guess can't argue a point, so you attack the people who you disagree with. That is disgusting fowl behavour and you ought to be ashamaed of yourselves. Obvoiusly, your oppononents have good arguments -- you seem afraid to address them.
    This is Canada. And in this country, we do NOT lower ourselves to attacking people personally as you and Jim Creskey do. Make a case, be rational, or go the hell back to your cave!