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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Immigration abuse in the press - too legit to quit?

I have heard the phrase, "abuse of Canada's immigration system" a lot in the press lately. Mainly in association with Minister Kenney's proposed reforms to the asylum process. Editorials like those in The Globe and Mail parrot Kenney and up the exposure of his proposals. Here's my problem: Where is the PROOF? I checked the CIC web site, and they don't seem to keep statistics on this issue. So where is Kenney getting his data? Has anyone thought to ask? The press seems to go along like sheep, debating his proposal legitimately when the real question should be, "is this, in fact, a legitimate issue?"

If it is, I'd love to know the source of the statistical data that backs up the abuse of Canada's immigration system - systematic or otherwise.

1 comment:

  1. There is no proof that immigrants are abusing Canada's immigration system. As a matter of fact it is the CIC and CBSA that are abusing the system. They are using this as a means to discriminate against those nationalities that they do not wish to have in the country. As a matter of proof there is one Iranian who came to this country seeking refugee protection. Instead immigration has decided that because he is Iranian he is undesirable. Therefore they are sending him back by trying to force him to sign papers that state he is voluntarily leaving Canada. They have kept him in a maximum security prison for 5 years now with no charges and no release date. I mean seriously, how can you force someone to "volunteer" to give up their refugee claim by keeping them in prison until they do what you tell them to do. This kind of abuse to all of humanity has got to stop. I know personally of this one case, who is to say how many tens even hundreds more exist because we do not have the appropriate checks and balances in place to stop this kind of tragedy. Until we are all willing to take a stand and realize that Canada is in our hearts, not the dirt that we walk upon these abuses will continue to degrade Canada's reputation until we are nothing more than America Jr.