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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nights like tonight

Nights like tonight I miss home. I miss Toronto and my love. It's -11 outside. It's snowing. I remember the last winter we were together. This would be a night we would be out after dark, maybe doing some grocery shopping for dinner at Loblaws or Dominion. We would walk back to our apartment, so warm after the cold, after the wind snaking through the high rises, whipping up the snow. The apartment is warm and inviting. We cook dinner together as I watch the snowstorm, saying how beautiful it looks - and my love saying, "only until it starts to melt and get grey and messy!" She has a different view of the snow - but she's Canadian, after all. After dinner we watch a little TV, then its time to crawl into bed. She always goes to sleep first and during the quiet I count all my blessings and thank God for such a wonderful woman.

When I miss Toronto, it's this simple beautiful night that I miss the most.

1 comment:

  1. This feels very familiar to me. I am awaiting my immigration approval to go from Florida to Toronto, and I have had similar conversations with my husband about the snow. As difficult as the cold is for me sometimes, very few things are more delicious than coming home to a warm apartment after being out in frigid weather.