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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Court opens door to immigrant debt relief

Things change. Relationships end. But when it comes to immigration sponsorship, since 2004, a sponsor's responsibility can go on and on. The deal is: when you sponsor someone to immigrate to Canada, you sign a document that says if they have to go on public assistance for any reason, then YOU have to pay the government back for it. No matter what the situation may be. Since 2004, no one has been eased of this responsibility - not for any reason. Today, Ontario's Court of Appeals said, wait a minute - there needs to be some discretion here. The government owes it to it's citizen's to look at situations on a case by case basis. "The federal and provincial governments had argued that sponsorship was a contract the sponsor should be fully aware of and there was no discretion to forgive the debt, regardless of marriage breakdown, unemployment or illness." Of course they did. The court didn't buy it. Three cheers for a court that realizes life throws curves at people. That things are rarely black and white, and that real justice is a very individual matter.


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  2. My husband recently got a job in Toronto. He has USA and Canadian citizenship. I have citizenship in the USA. I will be joining him in Toronto soon and he will be sponsoring me. We've been trying to navigate the CIC website but the immigration section is as clear as mud and I want to make sure we submit all of the paperwork necessary. Do you have any suggestions on organizations or individuals who could assist us?

  3. check out for help from others going through the immigration process and you may also wish to consider an immigration consultant or immigration lawyer. I would recommend one from the Toronto area since that's where you are planning to immigrate to.