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Thursday, August 20, 2009

WHTI-less policy drives Canadian tourism down

The Globe and Mail reports that samoe-day cross border visits between the US and Canada for June dropped 26% this year upon implementation of WHTI (the Western Hempisphere Travel Initiative).

"The dramatic drop in travel across the Canada-U.S. border shows that the fears of many in the tourism industry in both countries are coming to pass. After the tougher passport rules were announced in 2005 as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, many industry groups warned that the regulations would further discourage Americans already reluctant to travel due to the high dollar and gas prices."

Leave it to the US to make our best international friend an enemy in the name of security. This program, and its lack of real-world context (fear of terrorist attack FROM Canada? Is this 1812?) illustrates the worst of US political pandering and electioneering. And it illustrates the immediate need for the elimination of the Department of Homeland Security (my gosh but that has such a totalitarian ring to wonder in a republic where we call our department heads "Czars").


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