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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 175th, no...249th, no...11th Birthday, Toronto!

Happy Birthday Toronto. You're 175 tomorrow. Sort of...

The City will be celebrating at an official FREE party March 6 thru 8, 2009. City Hall will open its doors and invite residents in to celebrate the heritage, unity and diversity through music, literature and art. City Hall will be transformed into an exhibition hall featuring art installations, the spoken word, dance and music. Special programming will also commemorate the City’s early history.

Now of course, Toronto as a city is a lot older than 175 years. Known as the "Settlement of Toronto", the first Europeans built Fort Rouillé on the site in 1750. In 1787 The Toronto Purchase initiated domestic European settlement of the area and the creation of the town of York in 1790. So in actually, Toronto is 249 years old this year...It's name is simply younger, or older - depending on when you want to start counting.

I guess if you really want to play this game, the Mega City of Toronto is only 11 years old - not even a teenager yet!

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