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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Parliament suspended - good for immigration?

With the proroguing of Parliament this week, the question arises - what impact will this have on immigration issues?

On the positive side, Harper's minority government wont have the opportunity to do more damage to the current immigration policies than he has done already. You could imagine that with the economy in trouble as it is across Canada that immigrants would be an easy target, and the reduction of numbers allowed in, barriers to entry, pace of the application process could all be easy targets.

Also on the positive side: the attempt to form a coalition government (even though it was done as the result of a hissy-fit by Dion and Layton) is a clear indicator that Harper's days in power are numbered (around 42, I believe). One way or another, he's going to lose most, if not all the power he currently wields. Chances are that his poor record on immigration management and poor policy choices in this area will get the attention of some opposition Ministers - and perhaps enough to reverse the course that has led to policies ripe with opportunity for abuse without checks and balances.

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