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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The government you deserve

The election is over and once again, the Tories have a minority. The liberals got just what Stephan Dion feared - a poor result. The NDP and Bloc actually had some gains. The left is more fractured than ever - the right - in control but un-vindicated.

By most counts, given the election turn out, Stephen Harper was elected by about 22 percent of Canada's eligible voters. Hardly a majority. Still, this minority is in control now. All Dion's maneuvering, his avoidance of confidence votes (including the budget vote that included the new immigration reforms), his and other Liberals lack of simply doing their jobs as opposition, all in order to position them for timing an election when they thought they could win...what did it get them? Nothing.

The lesson here? Do you job while it's yours to do and let the future take care of itself. Liberals could've taken Harper down a year ago, and backed it up with a "standing up for Canada" perception. Instead, they tried to manipulate the situation, and now Liberal MP's who could've left government service proud for having stood up for the people wont have the chance to. And don't deserve to.

Canada has the government and policies it deserves right now. They must not care, because they turned out in low numbers. The opposition will have to work harder than ever together to defeat the Tories, but after being so lazy, maybe hard work is what they need.

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