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Thursday, September 25, 2008

All quiet on the campaign front, immigration wise

Not hearing much news on immigration matters lately and I have to believe it's because of the distractions of the current news cycle and focus on the economy and the arts. All I really know is my heart in this election is with Jack Layton and the NDP. It's hard not to like Jack, and he and his wife Olivia Chow are clearly more concerned with the people of Canada than the business of Canada that seems to be the obsession of Harper and his cronies. Olivia even proposed sensible changes to policies and programs directly affecting immigrants.

Harper, if he wins a majority, would create what I can only call "George Bush's Canada" - which would be a horrible place to live. Layton has consistently called Harper to task when his proposals and policies have been out of line with the goals and needs of Canadians. The NDP has been the real opposition in this time of turmoil.

Dion has not led an opposition - in fact, time and again he led his party away from opposing Harper by not taking this flawed government out much earlier. And then Harper took himself out. I might think more of the Liberals if someone else was leading, but for now, it's gotta be Jack.

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