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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Living in hope

I have been looking back at the posts from the last few months - primarily since the whole budget and immigration reform thing came up - and I noticed that I have been getting a bit aggressive in tone. The overview of this blog has always noted, "...and the occasional rag on the CIC." but I seem to have made that more than occasional of late.

Maybe the frustration is showing? Maybe I'm betraying some fear that I wont be reunited with my love? That's what this has all been about from the start after all. This immigration to Canada has always been about taking down a border between my love and I, that we might have a life together. Along the way, I also fell in love with Canada. I want to make the rest of my life there. I want to be a Canadian, and all that that implies.

I am a man of faith. Being such, I shouldn't be worried, as I can get, over the actions of the government, or of bureaucrats. I have to put my faith in God that he will hear my prayers and break down even the barriers that the Tories may want to impose. Those barriers are nothing to my God. I need to remember that and live again in faith.

So I'll try to get back on an even keel here at the Mind, and be of service to those of you on the same quest to reunite, to become Canadians. After all, living in hope and faith is so much better than living in fear.

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