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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dion fails us - immigration reform passes

You can't have it both ways, Stephane...You can't call the Tories anti-Canadian over their immigration reforms and then allow them to pass through Parliment unscathed. The passage of the Federal Budget today, in-tact with it's sweeping changes to immigration policy was one of those watershed moments where the position that you take so obviously reflects your true and core values. The Tories? Well they created this monster - we knew where they stood. The Liberals? They stood aside.

Remember what happened when the Western Nations appeased Germany back at the turn of the last Century? Only WWI...

And Dion is going to have a war on his hands now. If he thought he had a slim chance of winning an election yesterday...well I've got news for you, Stephane - your chances just got a whole lot worse.

Maybe Dion really doesn't understand the importance of family unity to South Asians and others - maybe that's why he thinks its okay, even temporarily, to deal a blow to family reunification. Tomorrow, Diane Finley could simply declare that the Family Class is not a priority and that the government will not be processing any new applications for this class....Just like that, thousands are out of the que - and Canada is well on it's way to solving the immigration backlog.

Way to go Stephane - YOU betrayed us all.

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