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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Voices raising in protest to Finley's immigration plans

Finley has Dion scratching his head...again

It's heartening to see that voices from all over the country are raising in protest to Immigration Minister Diane Finley's plans to centralize power and control in the Prime Minister's Office. Here's a sampling of opinions and articles I've found protesting the move:

"If the government really wants to speed up the immigration application process, it could start by hiring more staff to deal with a backlog instead of slapping a cap on new applications." - The Toronto Star

"...Gerri MacDonald, president of the Refugee Lawyers' Association of Ontario, isn't hopeful.
"The Conservative government put in all these unwanted provisions in a budget bill knowing that the opposition doesn't want to force an election," she noted.

"It is disturbing.""
- The Toronto Star

"Members of some of Canada's largest immigrant communities say plans to give the Immigration Minister more power to decide who gets to stay are misguided and they are urging the Dion Liberals to vote against the proposals, even if it means plunging the country into an election. " - Globe and Mail

Conservatives Turning The Clock Back On Immigration, Charges Surrey MP

The only voice we aren't hearing from? The Liberal Party of Canada...

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