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Friday, September 07, 2007

Personal journey commences again

Dear blog readers,
The summer is nearing it's end, but as with all endings, they also trigger beginnings. In this case, today marked the day that I sent the balance of my submissions to my lawyer in Toronto, who is preparing my application for permanent residence - the beginning, God willing, of my homecoming to Canada and my beloved Toronto and most importantly, to my love.

I don't pretend it's going to be any easier this time around than the last, but I have great faith in God that spending the rest of my days in Toronto is the plan He has for me.

I face this path again as many around the world have. Those of you who are on it know of the anexity, the fear, the emotions that get invested as you hope for the kindness and sympathy of a mature and understanding review. You hope you have done all you can to clear the questions and objections away. You hope you've done everything possible to be allowed to make a life in the country you love.

If those of you who read this could take even a moment to say a prayer for me - that this time around I will be granted a permanent residence permit, and that the process will go ahead without troubles - I would so appreciate it.

I just want to be home again with my love in Toronto. I just want to become a good Canadian. I just want this particular journey to a new Canada....can begin.

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